Investment Plans

Wal Bell Alliance offers its investors 6 investment plans. They differ from each other depending on the investment limits and risk exposure.
At the end of the maturity period, the principal amount is returned to the investor.
Active Investment Plans

Name Daily share, % Min amount, USD Max amount, USD Term, days
Basic partner 35 10.00 49.99 20
Advanced partner 45 50.00 999.99 50
Professional partner 55 1000.00 4,999.99 90
Elite partner 70 5,000.00 19,999.99 130
Royal partner 85 20,000.00 99,999.99 150
VIP partner 100 100,000.00 299,999.99 180

The amount of money you earn will depend on the amount of money you invest (including compounding) and on the total of the company's profit for each trading day.

The more you invest — the bigger the profit you will receive!

You can compound your interest if you desire. Compounding allows an investor to earn an interest not only on the original investment, but also on the reinvestment of his/her daily income.

You can choose all or part of your daily income to be reinvested.

But what if company had loss trading day?
In this case you will also receive profit, but it will be calculated like the company had profit of 0,3%.

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